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WBC Purpose and Values 

WBC Vision


 Simply stated, at WBC our purpose is to be:

"A passionately God-centred family,
committed to sharing his life-changing power"

This statement indicates why we exist. There are challenging and exciting days ahead for WBC. As a church family we are to be galvanized together to make vision become reality.

However, all that we long for will never be achieved without the empowering Spirit of God igniting our hearts to worship, work and witness for God, to be a vibrant life-imparting family of God.

It is … ‘not by might, nor by power but by my Spirit’ says the Lord.’

We strive by God's grace to become such a church in the town of Ashford, and we welcome all who share this purpose to join with us in ministering as part of the WBC community.


As a church we have these core values:


Demonstrating our faith by glorifying Jesus Christ, worshipping God the Father and being empowered by the Holy Spirit through prayer and the study of the Bible.


Undertaking our mission by reaching out and touching the lives of the community around us and sharing with them the love and message of Christ.


Exhibiting integrity by being honest, demonstrating high biblical/moral standards and doing what is pleasing to God, whatever the personal cost.


Generously giving of our time, energy and resources to support the church and the community we serve.


Promoting a sense of acceptance, belonging and togetherness in all, and encouraging each person to achieve their God-given potential

Aspects of our vision