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WBC Deacons Team

The team of deacons at WBC are responsible for the practical aspects of church life - ensuring that important areas such as budgeting, finance, stewarding, building upkeep, equipment & facilities, duty rotas, etc. are properly attended to.  They meet on a monthly basis to address these matters.

Along with the elders and church staff members, they form part of the wider leadership team of the church.

The deacons are also trustees of WBC as a registered charity.

Barry Cassé

Barry Casse

Barry became a Christian at a youth camp at the age of 16, having been brought up in a Christian home.

He says “Following that camp, I see youth work, building relationships with young people and showing them God’s love as a fundamental part of church life. It's a means of saying thank you for the way in which I was brought up."

Barry has another passion in music, its use in worship and in connecting with the church and the community around.

Barry is married to Anne, and they have one daughter. He sees his role as a Deacon as a way to serve God and the family of WBC.

Miles Moore

Miles Moore

Miles came from a non-Christian family background, but through various faltering steps stretching back to childhood became a Christian in 1987. He was baptised at WBC in 1989.

"I have learned to trust God in many ways since that time. I am trusting him now as I see him at work at WBC and in the Willesborough area and as I seek to serve him and the people at WBC in these exciting times."

Miles has two sons.

Ben Oliver

Ben Oliver

In serving as a Deacon at WBC, Ben wants to share God's good news of Jesus within the local community in caring, practical and fun ways.

He says, "I have been a Christian for over 20 years and in 1995 when I was baptised I learned that a loving relationship with God is there for everybody to receive and is as relevant in today's society as it has been in the past."

Ben is married to Rachel and they have three children.

Charles Pickford

Charles Pickford

Charles says, “God has truly blessed me; he guides and directs me in all I do. Since being baptised in 1992 I have been led in new directions with new and exciting opportunities. Being a deacon is a fantastic way to assist others, based upon our Lord's teachings."

Charles is married to Carolyn and they have three children.

Christine Ross

Christine Ross

I become a Christian at a very young age and Willesborough Baptist Church has been part of my life since childhood.

After university I got involved in missions and served in a variety of locations over a period of 16 years before returning to Ashford. It is a privilege to serve on the diaconate at this time, hopefully to be able to contribute from my own life’s experiences and to continue to learn and grow both as an individual and together as a church family.
One of my loves is music and I enjoy the opportunity to be involved in the worship band at WBC.

Robin Wise

Robin Wise

I became a Christian at around 10 years old but having moved away from home at around 19, my Christian life struggled for 10 years. However, God clearly had a plan for my life and began to call me back and in 2010 I finally took that step and eventually settled at WBC (with my family). The experience has taught me that it is not enough to lead people, particularly children and young people, to God but to support them as they grow and seek to enable them to mature in their relationship with God.

I am married to Jo and have 4 daughters, a rabbit and a chicken!

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