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WBC Small Groups Network

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Willesborough Baptist Church is not a church with small groups, but rather a church of small groups.

As the church gets bigger numerically, it's important that we get smaller relationally at the same time.

We do this via our network of small groups - each one providing an opportunity for members of the congregation to meet on a regular basis with a small number of other people from WBC. This ensures that each person has at least these in-depth relationships, among the wider range of contacts made at whole-church activities.

This group-based approach is fundamental to our church community. We encourage everyone to become part of a small group.

About the small groups network

What are Small Groups?

Some may know them as House Groups or Cell Groups - they are small groups of people who meet together during the week, usually in homes. The group sessions give additional time beyond the whole-church activities to build relationships, study, support each other and pray together. In doing so, we deepen our relationships with each other and with God.

Why become a member of a Small Group?

In a growing church, it's important that we take time to deepen our relationships together and build strong foundations. Small Groups are a fundamental part of our growth together. Each group meets together to study God’s word, discussing this together and praying together.

All the groups study the same material (usually based on the current Sunday message series), which gives real unity to our walk together as a community of faith in the body of Christ.

When and where do they take place?

Groups meet throughout the week in various homes/venues in the Ashford area. There are multiple Small Groups to choose from, spread in and around the town. Some meet during the day and others in the evenings (Mon-Thurs).

As a church we actively encourage everyone to become a member of a small group. Details of venues, leaders, hosts, etc. for each group are displayed on the Small Groups notice board at the back of the church. A summary is available on the Locations page.

How do I join a Small Group?

You may be new to the church and would like to meet regularly with a group of people from WBC - or perhaps you're an existing member of the church who feels God’s prompting to meet with others in a Small Group.

Whatever your situation, please get in touch with Ben Smith (our Small Groups Co-ordinator) or any member of the Leadership Team. They will be very happy to help you find a group.

Alternatively you can e-mail your contact details to the Church Office and we will get in touch with you.