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"Diamond Geezers" Weekend

Men's Weekend

If you speak to any of the guys who were at the weekend, I’m sure they will all agree it was a great time, with a full-on mix of great teaching, fellowship, food and fun.

By now you may have already had the opportunity to listen to the teaching sessions from a disk that was produced in quite a quantity. If not, ask for one at church or there are online versions at the bottom of this page for listening or downloading.

Ant Delaney, the main speaker, has written a number of books aimed specifically to appeal to men - one called “Diamond Geezers”, which gave us the title for the weekend. Another book is called “The B.E.S.T. Marriage”, which says on the back “Finally a marriage book that blokes will read too”. We have a number of copies left over from the weekend, so if you fancy purchasing one or the other they are £5 each, or a bargain at £10 for the two.

On the Saturday afternoon we had a clay pigeon shooting competition, with two teams competing against each other and also an individual prize. After a final session from Ant, who then had to head back to Manchester, it was time for food again. In the evening session Adrian shared about "Codelife", what it is and how we would like it to work for the men in our church going forward. Feel free to ask Adrian for further information about how to set up a Codelife group. There is also more information on the Codelife website at Mike Haywood then shared passionately about Samson and the practicalities of living our lives by the Code, and how we as men can raise our game in our walk with God.

After breakfast on the Sunday morning, Laurie Martin joined us and took a teaching session on John the Baptist. Then in the final session we sat around the Lord’s table and shared Communion together, bringing the weekend to a close.

We hope you enjoy seeing some of the photos from the weekend and also enjoy listening to the teaching sessions that are available on this page or on disk. We hope too that you will give Codelife a try. It is after all time for a new kind of man – are you ready?

Adrian Steele

Teaching sessions from the weekend




Ant Delaney

Dave in a Cave 1
Ant Delaney

Dave in a Cave 2
Ant Delaney

Dave in a Cave 3
Ant Delaney

Samson: Codelife
Mike Haywood

John the Baptist
Laurie Martin

Pictures from the weekend (click scroll arrows)

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